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In 2010 two pharmacy professors Dr. Lana Dvorkin Camiel and Dr. Maria Kostka-Rokosz started two blogs as a way of exposing their pharmacy students to the latest news and updates in the world of pharmacy and natural products. In 2015 these two blogs have merged to become Medication Health News.

Students taking courses in drug literature evaluation, over-the-counter drugs and self-care products, herbal and dietary supplements, complementary and alternative medicine and sustainability love Medication Health News and many become ambassadors wherever they go.

Students and healthcare professionals rely on the information Medication Health News shares to

  • keep them up to date with the latest discoveries in the areas of health, well-being, medications and natural products
  • help them to become life-long learners
  • prepare them for their classes, interviews and discussions with colleagues
  • arm them with the latest research

Under direct supervision of the faculty the posts are created by senior pharmacy students who run the Center for Drug Information and Natural Products as a part of their clinical clerkship.

The comments and posts are those of the site administrators and do not necessarily reflect MCPHS University opinions, strategies or policies. MCPHS University reserves the right to alter, delete or remove content (without notice) at its absolute discretion for any reason whatsoever.

Please note: We reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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